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Successful 59 Year Old Gay Man Frustrated With Gay Dating Scene in Fort Lauderdale

The club opens at 5 p. There's a live DJ on weekends, and the amenities here favor fans of kink: The facilities are less snazzy, but a lot of guys—especially those in their 40s and older, those into leather and kink, and bearish sorts —really prefer this establishment. The Tuesday leather nights are usually a big draw, and the Thursday bear parties also have a reliable following. Among the gay resorts in Fort Lauderdale where you're most likely to find plenty of willing guys and enthusiastic cruising, you should definitely consider the complex of three very popular and fun adjoining gay-owned Worthington resorts known as Alcazar Resort, Villa Venice, and Worthington Guesthouse—together, this complex has 63 rooms, and the men here can congregate among two very nice pools and two large hot tubs, both of which are open and clothing-optional around the clock.


It's one of the best resorts in the country for gay men looking to have a little fun and meet like-minded guys. However, keep in mind that this resort doesn't sell day passes—it's really only a viable option if you spend the night or meet somebody staying there. My take on this, gay are gays are gays. I have seen the exact same types and behaviors in this area as anywhere else in world I see a lot of casual sex, over-emphasis on the shallow and superficial by some, cliques, etc. It's all about what you want and spending the time to find it.

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If you want depth and intellectuals, that might be a bit more elusive but it always is. At least here the numbers are greater than say, Midland-Odessa TX Just my observations at this point in time As a transplant from the Midwest, having been here for a year, I would like to add my comments about this.

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The gay scene down here leans heavily towards flash "seen and be seen". It's not about being professional or networking with the community, it's mostly catty queens judging others.

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It's extremely cliquey down here, to the point where most people associate with very few people outside of their social group. There are the exceptions to the rule, as there are in any city, but Wilton Manors is all about the bar scene and hooking up.

One more thing: The something twinky "retail queens" and the 40's and older partnered, settled down men. If you don't fit into either of those groups, you will find it a little more difficult to meet similar men. Many are were? There are parts of Wilton Manors that are more geared towards hooking up and casual sex, IMO, but there's also a relaxed feel to the area.

Everyone is at peace with everyone.

Gay Fort Lauderdale Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Fort Lauderdale Florida

Sign up in 30 seconds and meet someone. Fort Lauderdale Gay Personals. Egyptian moved to Fort Lauderdale more than one year, recently separated.

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Looking for friends and maybe more. I'm 48 years old and looking mainly for men around my age or older. I'm desperately Fort Lauderdale Gay Personals river Now, 11 years later, would like a masc man, any race Hey, guys: I'm looking for friends, traveling companions and perhaps more.