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Porn stars should be liked for their performances on-screen, not off-screen.

“I’m No Hooker,” Says Porn Star / Queerty

Whereas, most of us porn stars would rather be associated with what we truly do as a profession. Some may argue that both parties are paid for sex, but consider this: Porn stars are selling a finished product, a scene or a DVD. Adult film is completely legal and an honest form of acting, or entertainment rather. Porn models are paid by check by legitimate companies, whereas escorts are usually paid in cold hard cash by free-standing individuals.

I have a strong relationship with a wonderful huy and this topic means a lot to us, and certainly heavy on the minds of any other non-escorting pornstar. Being asked to sell ourselves is not a compliment or flattering to us in any way. We porn stars have our own ideas, views, and voices…all of which need to be heard!

Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of culture gay jessesantana stories and more 43 Comments victor how much for a blow job? No newly-minted mom in a maternity ward ever looked down on her newborn and dreamed out loud that one day he or she would grow up to win Best Anal Threesome. Yet at the same time, most of those buyers recoil in near horror at the suggestion of anyone they love working in that industry.

You get paid to have sex…get over yourself. The only difference between a porn star and a prostitute is that you get paid more and people all over the world get to watch you do it…oh and the guys you do it with are almost guarateed to be hot. I mean, he addresses this question, but basically lists the differences in situations, not necessarily what makes them fundamentally different when someone walks away fucked and paid….

See, I always make sure to respect the porn stars I interview. Just not during an interview, and I never had to pay them for it either. Most do porn as an advertisement for their much more lucrative escort business. The other guys were a mixed bag. Some do it to be a celebrity covers of magazines, skip the queue, VIP treatment at the clubs , some as a lark, and there was one boy-next-door type who was also, literally, the boy next door whom I never did figure out. Of course, from ancient Greek theatre to present Hollywood, the actors were there to promote and advertise themselves, from Marilyn Monroe to Rock Hudson, and what lined up at the stage door were horny rich and powerful men wanting a piece of what they saw on the screen.

Acting is a good way to be seen to the highest bidder, whether that bidder is a porn studio big business or a horny old gay man. We are all whores, in one sense or another. Sorry, but the standards have gotten way higher in the past few years for this street trash to put himself in the same league as, say, Dean Flynn. One thing is not the other, and while there is definitely some overlap between the 2, the message is the ones who are available make it known so pick them up there rather than assuming all are for sale. For the money, for the advertising, or for the sex? Just saying, if you put honey out there on the TV screen, the flies will come…….

This is not a place to bash old gay men who find young sexy guys attractive.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

Been there, done that. I only know one guy who was A-List, and I never asked how much he got paid. Of the other guys, the middle of the road ones, they only made a couple hundred per shoot, maybe a grand or two for the bigger names.

Dean Flynn and David Anthony Interview

Whatever he feels he needs to say is more for his self-image than our perceptions. If anyone wants to have sex whether for art, money, or just fun is fine with me as long as everyone is able to and gives consent. By definition, that could easily be mistaken for prostitution.

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Not a hooker? Only God will believe him. And he has stayed there for months…. I voted for Jesse above Dean as Best Newcomer. Paul Raposo — Porn films may pay a few hundred dollars a day, at best. Escorts can charge a few hundred dollars an hour. But even so, gay porn pays men more than straight porn does. And a lot of straight guys realise the money to be had from escorting too, and go into that. And that applies both ways too. Not all old men are lechers, not all young guys are gold-diggers.

Since when has it become our place to judge the kid and even bring this question to light? Since when has the Gay and lesbian community become SO prudish and just SO judgemental that we sit here and disect people in the porn industry like Red State housewives. How is getting paid to get fucked on camera any different than getting paid to get fucked behind closed doors? Yes, prostitution is illegal. Oh, and Wolfie — you open yourself up to judgment when you write something as insipid as this article, so he had it coming.

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Jesse is definitely a publicity whore. I decided not to post obviously because 1. Jesse is a total jerk.

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