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Where in the past you may have attempted to meet a single Latina interracial partner through a sporting club, or a single Latino man at a nightclub, today time often means that we need find other, more efficient methods. Thanks to Latino dating sites like this one, interracial dating is now much easier as you can review information online, find the ideal match, develop a bond through online chat, and then arrange to meet face-to-face. Gone are the days of the awkward blind first meeting where you would struggle for date ideas and end up suffering through a horrible dating experience.

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Here's One Brutal Truth Every White Gay Man Needs to Hear

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Say it loud and say it proud. It's the duty of anyone who cares about racism in the gay community to call it out when they come across it. Words have power.

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  • Dear White Gay Men, Racism Is Not "Just a Preference"!

By calling out racist language, we can interrupt decades' worth of hard-wiring that says branding minorities as undesirable is okay. Getty Images. Mic invites contributors and staff to share their personal stories and perspectives.

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Latino Dating Success Stories

It'd be easier to just bring home a boy that looks and acts like you. I mean, you just got "bring your special friend" to Christmas privileges last year! They do it because people of color are beautiful, but they also do it because it can be safer. It can protect them from experiences of racism, abuse, and fetishization in their relationships. Dating within our own race has spared us from the glares of your friends and family when you bring us around, the microaggression that is your sister asking to touch our hair and your friends asking if we know how to swim the weekend you bring us to your share in Fire Island.

Perpetuating, defending, and advertising this kind of casual racism inhibits the liberation of people of color from oppression.

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It takes a lot of work to confront these beliefs. It is a privilege to be able to debate racism instead of experiencing it your whole life. Phillip Henry is a writer, comedian, advocate, and performer in New York City. His writing can be seen in various publications including Teen Vogue and Mic.

But alas, we only have time for one cup of tea today. So sip on this: Tags evergreen racism dear gay white men DGWM. Read More.