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3 Best Gay Bars and Clubs in Singapore

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  • Mandarin Orchard Singapore 4. Marina Mandarin 4. Regent Singapore 4. Park Regis Singapore 4. On 29 October , a Singapore Supreme Court ruling upheld the country's ban on same-sex relations between consenting adult men. The Supreme Court held that Section A of Singapore Penal Code, which criminalises sexual intimacy between men, does not violate articles 9 and 12 of the Singapore Constitution.

    These articles guarantee the right to life and personal liberty, and provide that all people are entitled to equal protection before the law.

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    The court also upheld the differing laws regarding male and female same-sex sexual activity because female homosexual acts "were either less prevalent or perceived to be less repugnant than male homosexual conduct. Previously, in , a lower-court ruling had found that Section A as it relates to the arrest of males for private and consensual sexual conduct "arguably" breached article 12 protections, though the court's ruling did not go into the merits of the case on technical grounds.

    Human-rights activists have been calling for and pushing for the repeal of Section A, arguing that it infringes on privacy, the right to life and personal liberty, the two latter being constitutionally protected. Section and Section A are effectively identical, as both were put in place by the British Empire , raising hopes in Singapore that the discriminatory law would be struck down as well.

    Singapore does not recognise same-sex relationships in any form such as marriage , civil unions or domestic partnerships. In December , a gay Singaporean won the right to adopt a child he had fathered in the United States through a surrogate. The Singapore High Court overturned a ruling in which a district judge had ruled the man could not legally adopt his son because he was conceived through in vitro fertilization which is only limited to heterosexual married couples and brought to term through surrogacy, which is banned.

    No laws exist specifically protecting LGBT Singaporeans from discrimination in the workplace, housing or any other relevant areas. Previous attempts claim damages for alleged discriminatory conduct in such fields have been dismissed in Singaporean courts. Prior to , homosexuals were barred from being employed in "sensitive positions" within the Singapore Civil Service.

    The most widely known and infamous classification is Category , a medical code given to personnel who are "homosexuals, transvestites, paedophiles, etc. Under Category popularly referred to as "cat " , gay and bisexual soliders are further classified into those "with effeminate behaviour" and those "without effeminate behaviour".

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    Self-declared or discovered servicemen are referred to the Psychological Medicine Branch of the Headquarters of Medical Services for a thorough psychiatric assessment, which involves their parents being called in for an interview. On graduation, they are deployed in a vocation which has no security risks, posted to non-sensitive units and given a security status which restricts their access to classified documents.

    Formerly, Category personnel were not allowed to stay overnight in-camp, nor were they required to perform night duties, but these restrictions have been relaxed. A less well-known classification is Category B, a medical code given to servicemen "with effeminate behaviour not amounting to sexual disorders". These individuals are further subdivided into "mildly effeminate", "effeminate" and "severely effeminate".

    Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of trying to change an individual's sexual orientation. Such practices enjoy no medical, psychological or scientific support. Indeed, they lead to depression, anxiety and suicide. The organization says it "promotes gender and sexual health for the individual, family and society". Despite the legal conditions in the country, Singaporean government representatives have previously spoken glowingly of the conditions faced by LGBT citizens at a United Nations anti-discrimination committee; "homosexuals are free to lead their lives and pursue their social activities.

    Gay groups have held public discussions and published websites, and there are films and plays on gay themes and gay bars and clubs in Singapore. The Singapore Media Development Authority prohibits the "promotion or glamorization of the homosexual lifestyle" on television and the radio. In , these numbers had changed to Support was more notable among younger respondents: In recent years, record crowds of approximately 28, have attended Singapore's annual gay rights rally, Pink Dot SG , with a heavy bent toward younger demographics.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. LGBT rights in Singapore. See also: Section A of the Penal Code Singapore.

    Singapore’s LGBT Nightlife Scene

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