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The remaining report is about the murder of of three alleged gay men by a vigilante jihaddist gang. WikiTravel posts this: Punishment ranges from flogging to death. Yemen is one of only seven countries to apply a death penalty for consensual sexual acts between adults of the same sex. Freedom of speech, religion, and the press are all restricted. Gay and lesbian websites are blocked by the government. The official position is that there are no gays in Yemen, yet Yemeni law that stipulates severe punishment for homosexual activity acknowledges its existence.

Other sources report that information on whether death sentences have actually been carried out is not reliable, given the secretive and ruthless nature of Yemeni authorities. Only three Muslim nations Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan are known to have carried out the death penalty for alleged homosexual acts recently years Needless so say, such a daring and confrontational commentary, which appeared in A-Thaqafiyya magazine in Yemen accidentally, possibly due to an oversight by the editors , fueled angry responses among Muslim clerics and the general Yemeni population, some of whom demanded that Aqabi be severely punished and put on trial.

Soon after, the magazine was shut down. Such hysteria and over-reaction toward the toxic issue of same-sex relations is not uncommon in Yemen and no change in this attitude is expected anytime soon. February Update: September The current turmoil in Yemen has become an international war with a Saudi-led coalition of air and ground forces against the rebel Houthi militia took control of the elected Yemeni government. However, as the fighting and bombing have intensified and his sexual orientation has become more at risk of exposure he chose to travel to Jordan this past summer, one of the few countries to allow Yemenis to enter without a visa.

By Ahmed, as told to GlobalGayz: This story is not a cheerful one for a gay person but the writer seems to be strong and wise and able to manage some satisfaction in his daily living, thanks in no small part to LGBT friends he has found online.

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His personal and cultural observations are valuable for others trying to understand gay life in Muslim-and-family-dominated Yemen. About Me, Ahmed I am a gay adult in 21st century Yemen: I am a Muslim who is homosexual.

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I am not out, which means I am still living my homosexuality in my closet not a bad thing especially if you are living in Yemen. I used to have dreams of living somewhere outside Yemen where I can live as a free gay, but I am more mature now, and I want to have my own family with my parents. Being gay does not define me, I am still a human being who wants to love and be loved, earn respect by my ethics and morals, care about others and help the unfortunate; I dream and work to achieve my goals.

I was in love with my classmate once, but I could never say it to him because he was straight I presumed. Sometimes, I hate myself because of what I had to become and the life I had to lead. Family traditions are a blood connection that you can not escape. Some men here get married and then have secret affairs outside with guys, but for me disloyalty is a huge deal.

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If I got married to a girl, I would never I think be able to cheat on her especially with a man. I think of it as one way or the other, being gay and falling in love with a man, or keep my desires hidden and fulfill my parents wishes and family duties.

No Saudi gays allowed? 'US violates its own principles to please monarchy'

I am an adult now so I feel more responsible about my life and choices. Gay Life in Yemen To start, Yemen will never be a suitable environment for gays. Solaylee has written a memoir about his experiences as a gay man in the Arab world, entitled Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes , and works to foster a conversation about these issues in the Yemeni diaspora.

He has also lobbied the US state department, urging it to prioritise Yemeni sexual and religious minorities seeking visas and refugee status. Back in Yemen, Jamil hopes to start building a gay-rights movement after the war. He says that any such group would have to begin in secret but that it might become more public over time.

Despite the carnage of the Yemeni civil war, many members of the gay community continue to help one another and strive for progress. Just as pro-government forces are liberating that urban stronghold of progressive culture, the whole of Yemen may soon be liberated as well, and the Yemeni gay community will have fresh opportunities to advance its rights. Even in peacetime, however, homosexuality in Yemen was suppressed. Ben Gladstone is a fellow at the Tower , an online magazine specialising in Israel and the Middle East, where a longer version of this piece first appeared.

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Gay Life in Yemen--An Introduction

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The extremist Houthi militia poses a greater threat than ever before to Yemen’s gays

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